Dream: Sept 26th, 2013

Dream: Sept 26th, 2013


                The dream started with me meeting up with my friend Tara outside a huge and glamorous hotel like building. The outside had a plaque on it that read Genoa City (the fiction city from the Young & Restless soap opera). We walked inside and was greeted by Victoria Newman (actually the actress playing her, because we knew that this was fake) She explained to us that Genoa City was the placed they did all their filming and that all the actors/actresses lived in the building so that they could do round the clock filming. Victor Newman was the mayor of the city and building manager. The building itself had every amenity that you could desire. I saw a comic book store in the lobby; it was closed at the moment but would be open later. Victoria took us up to the top floor where we met Victor. As we were walking into his office we saw Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin. I stopped and chatted with Lauren asking why she couldn’t get back together with Paul and she told me to watch out for the next 20 episodes. Victor met with us and handed me an ATM card with $500 on it. He said I could spend it any way I wanted and I didn’t have to pay it back because the money spent in the city, stayed in the city so everyone wins. He asked if we wanted to grab lunch and a drink so we went to the bar. The bartenders were all wrestlers from the WWE. The bar was large enough that it had a wrestling ring in the center of it that the bartenders and waiters would often stop what they were doing to have a match. Our bartender happened to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was funny to see all the wrestlers walking around in their gear and boots. I went shopping with Victoria and quickly spent the $500 because stuff in Genoa City was expensive.  Victor apparently was watching my spending habits and had put $10K on my ATM card, and said if I wanted anything shipped home that it was ok to do so. I don’t know where Tara went but then Nicholas showed up and replaced Victoria in the dream. He said he wanted to show me the gym and the pool, which I was definitely into. He was such a gentleman taking me around and showing me everything. At some point Steve Austin showed up again… and then I woke up…



This is just one example of how crazy my dreams can be…


Happy once More…

After 5 weeks of feeling blue and mourning the loss of my father, I woke up on Monday finally feeling like myself. I was so excited to be happy once again. I got back to running again as well. That was awesome. Today I ran 8.5 miles and it felt great. I started a writing journal. I started to write down all the things that come to my head for my stories.

Last night I had some great thoughts and looked up a phrase in Latin as well. It’s going to be featured in several of my books but my readers won’t know how that plays out until after several books. That will be exciting.

I hope everyone has a good night.


I feel lost…

 Over the past month since the passing of my dad, I’ve had a whole array of emotions cycling through me. Anger, sadness, bitterness, happy, and loneliness.  The most recent feeling is the constant feeling of being lost. I feel like my mind has fractured into a thousand tiny teeny pieces and I’m struggling to put them back together.  I’m going home again this weekend to finalize some more minor details and then I should be done. I think once this weekend is complete I will be able to get back to a normal routine, including my running, event planning, social life, movie going and bowling norms.  I’m very lucky that I quit my second job back in February or I wouldn’t even know how this would go.  

I have been able to start thinking about my writing again as well. Just the other night I was able to muster up the courage to write 1600 words into my book, that brings the total word count to 25000. The novel is growing quite nicely and I can’t believe I started it over 6 years ago. It’s going to be quite interesting once it’s finished. I know that every author thinks that they have a good quality book and people will be excited about it, but I truly feel that. I still feel like I’m meant for greatness and success, even with this stumbling block.  I need to stop feeling bad about everything and just get moving. 

Well enough about that.  If you have time check out my Facebook page. I put stuff out there all the time.

Have a great day.



I’m back!

So I’m finally back in Philly after my cross country adventure. It was an interesting journey to say the least. I saw a lot of trucks, a few cars and 5 baby turtles. They were found in a garden in the state of Iowa. They definitely were a fun find. My mom was really thrilled to see them… She wouldn’t stop talking about them the whole rest of the trip. She was gushing about them to my two nieces once we made it to Colorado.

It was a journey that I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. Would I do a cross country road trip again? Sure I would but it would be by car, not moving truck, and I would love take my time and enjoy each part of the trip. I would make sure I took detours to see all the interesting things along the way. You have to make sure that you have extra gas in the tank, or at least some gas jugs in the trunk.

I’ve traveled a lot via plane but driving the whole way would be more fun via car.

I hope to have some new writing updates in the next following days, along with some bowling highlights.

Have a great night!


The CO Adventure is underway…

So the drive was seriously hard… probably the hardest drive I’ve done. I give kudos to all the truck drivers out that do that for a living… it was tough. I spent 35 hours in the truck on the road, and was extremely sore, exhausted and bored all at the same time.  The thing about the drive is that it was for a great cause, moving my mother from her home town to her new home with my sister in Colorado. I had to keep that in mind every second that I was on the road. I was so relieved once we finally arrived. The truck drivers for the most part were friendly. The truck itself couldn’t move as fast as I would like it to but the drivers as they passed were nice about it. Some of them even waved or nodded in approval. I got to fill up the truck 9 times and each time (except the last) it was a truck stop, so I was surrounded by truckers. They were nice, but it was annoying when the cashier would ask my truck # and I would have to explain that it was a rental, they smirked a little at that, but oh well… I was still a paying customer.

The drive was divided up into 2 days, and we stopped in Iowa…that was an interesting experience. The town was similar to my hometown so I had to do a little exploring. The one major difference was the casino, but I was too exhausted to check it out.

Well I would like to write more about it, but I’m still very exhausted and time lagged from traveling back in time… LOL. 


Have a great night.


~ Rob

Who likes an Adventure? This Guy!

So today will be the start of a week long adventure!  Around 1pm EST I will board a train heading west bound toward my hometown.  I haven’t been on an actual passenger train like this since 1998, this should be exciting. Of course I don’t count the subway or the PATH train from Hoboken to NYC as actual trains. Amtrak… That’s a train. Upon arriving in my hometown everything should go peaceful and quiet, however the person picking up the train station isn’t the most reliable, so I might be waiting for awhile.  I’ll make the best of it.

Tomorrow is another story. I get to pick up the moving truck first thing in the morning, make it safely to my mothers residence and then we are off for the day. We are going to take the day to relax before the big move. Guess what’s on the agenda… a horse auction. Yep, you heard right, we are going to a horse auction where we will have the opportunity to actually win a horse. They are giving away one on Facebook, so we have entered our names into the drawing. I’m even taking my cowboy boots and hat with me to make sure I look the part. After the auction I’m sure we will just hang around away and be lazy. The real work begins on Sunday.

Now originally my sister and her husband were suppose to come to help load the truck but we figured they could save some money if they stayed home. So my brother and me will be loading the truck by ourselves on Sunday. I’m hoping some others will be around to help, but if not we have to do it ourselves.   Which will suck, but it’s for our mother so it’ll have to be.

The fun driving adventure begins on Monday morning… 26′ truck, plus towing a small camper is going to be fun. Especially since I’ll be driving for 14 hours before we stop for the night. There will be rest stops along the way, but still it’s going to take some time to get to our destination for the night. I’m excited for where we are staying for the night, but I’ll be more excited once we reach our final destination on Tuesday.

I’ll try to let everyone know how it’s going, and if I can post some pics I will.


Have a great day & happy Friday!


~ Rob

6 Days until Adventure Time!!!

 So in 6 days my second cross country adventure begins. This time though I’ll actually be driving cross country, in a big 26′ box truck. My mother will be moving to CO like I’ve mentioned before. The journey is going to be long, if you were to drive straight through it would be 27 hours however there’s going to be some slow down. The truck is huge, plus there will have to be several stops for gas, food, bathroom breaks and then sleep!  This will be quite an adventure… most of it will probably be documented on Facebook, but I’ll try to do a blog from the road.  

I will also be arriving to Altoona this coming Friday versus Sunday via the train. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a train so this will be a fun time as well. 

Now let’s talk Big Brother… Is anyone else excited to see this Thursday’s double eviction?  We already know that the house guests are getting rid of Amanda… but they don’t know it’s a double week, so who’s next?   I think I’m going to try to get on the show next go round… LOL 🙂


Well I hope everyone has a great night/day!


~ Rob