The CO Adventure is underway…

So the drive was seriously hard… probably the hardest drive I’ve done. I give kudos to all the truck drivers out that do that for a living… it was tough. I spent 35 hours in the truck on the road, and was extremely sore, exhausted and bored all at the same time.  The thing about the drive is that it was for a great cause, moving my mother from her home town to her new home with my sister in Colorado. I had to keep that in mind every second that I was on the road. I was so relieved once we finally arrived. The truck drivers for the most part were friendly. The truck itself couldn’t move as fast as I would like it to but the drivers as they passed were nice about it. Some of them even waved or nodded in approval. I got to fill up the truck 9 times and each time (except the last) it was a truck stop, so I was surrounded by truckers. They were nice, but it was annoying when the cashier would ask my truck # and I would have to explain that it was a rental, they smirked a little at that, but oh well… I was still a paying customer.

The drive was divided up into 2 days, and we stopped in Iowa…that was an interesting experience. The town was similar to my hometown so I had to do a little exploring. The one major difference was the casino, but I was too exhausted to check it out.

Well I would like to write more about it, but I’m still very exhausted and time lagged from traveling back in time… LOL. 


Have a great night.


~ Rob


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