Dream: Sept 26th, 2013

Dream: Sept 26th, 2013


                The dream started with me meeting up with my friend Tara outside a huge and glamorous hotel like building. The outside had a plaque on it that read Genoa City (the fiction city from the Young & Restless soap opera). We walked inside and was greeted by Victoria Newman (actually the actress playing her, because we knew that this was fake) She explained to us that Genoa City was the placed they did all their filming and that all the actors/actresses lived in the building so that they could do round the clock filming. Victor Newman was the mayor of the city and building manager. The building itself had every amenity that you could desire. I saw a comic book store in the lobby; it was closed at the moment but would be open later. Victoria took us up to the top floor where we met Victor. As we were walking into his office we saw Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin. I stopped and chatted with Lauren asking why she couldn’t get back together with Paul and she told me to watch out for the next 20 episodes. Victor met with us and handed me an ATM card with $500 on it. He said I could spend it any way I wanted and I didn’t have to pay it back because the money spent in the city, stayed in the city so everyone wins. He asked if we wanted to grab lunch and a drink so we went to the bar. The bartenders were all wrestlers from the WWE. The bar was large enough that it had a wrestling ring in the center of it that the bartenders and waiters would often stop what they were doing to have a match. Our bartender happened to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was funny to see all the wrestlers walking around in their gear and boots. I went shopping with Victoria and quickly spent the $500 because stuff in Genoa City was expensive.  Victor apparently was watching my spending habits and had put $10K on my ATM card, and said if I wanted anything shipped home that it was ok to do so. I don’t know where Tara went but then Nicholas showed up and replaced Victoria in the dream. He said he wanted to show me the gym and the pool, which I was definitely into. He was such a gentleman taking me around and showing me everything. At some point Steve Austin showed up again… and then I woke up…



This is just one example of how crazy my dreams can be…


One thought on “Dream: Sept 26th, 2013

  1. Fascinating. It is thought that at the first level of dream interpretation, each character can represent a different part of your psyche with men representing actions generally and women often representing emotions often. A house or mansion can represent the dreamer to some degree because it is the framework out of which one lives. This dream indicates that you are a very complex person with well integrated emotions and behavior and a good sense of humor. The dream is screaming that you like drama and physicality. Great dream.

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