I’ve done it… I’ve written a Vampire story!

     So the other night I went to bed thinking about Christmas time and Vampires. What a great time period to not only have a story come out, but have the story take place during. I laid in my bed and thought of a name. What would I call my new Vampire?  Was the name unique and what kind of story did I want to tell?  I choose a name that I thought would be cool, Deacon Von Strat. He was going to be my Vampire. I’m actually going to write his stories in a series of short stories and call them The Chronicles of Deacon Von Strat. The first one is going to be his origin story. How and why did Deacon become a Vampire, where did he live and how did he react to this transformation. I want these stories to be a supplement while I’m finishing my novel, Reality Shift. I figure with this short story format I’ll be able to produce a story every other month or so. Eventually when I get enough of them I could turn them into a book, but for now I’m liking the short story format. 

     The first story, Origin, came to be in a dream later that night. I went to bed thinking about the name and how I wanted the story to take place. I choose my hometown as the backdrop for the first event. This is area close to where Deacon is born and then later turned into a Vampire. He struggles with identifying his sexuality and even worse he can’t act upon it based on events he witnessed while bar tending in the local tavern.

     I’m very excited for this series and I can’t wait to see how it goes!


Hello World… How have you been?

     So it feels like an eternity since I posted something real, even if it was only a week ago. I know that when I first started this blog I was working on it everyday and I apologize my dear readers that I haven’t kept up on it like I want to, but fear not I will work on it.  I going to really try to post several times a week again. Life has been crazy lately and now that it’s Relay For Life season all over again, my life is getting crazier. The holidays are coming up and my house is going to have some special guests for Thanksgiving.  

    My brother and his wife are coming down for a visit. I’m very excited since this will be their second time visiting my house since I bought it, and the second Thanksgiving that they are heading to my area. The one time they did it before, it didn’t go quite as planned so I’m hoping that this time will be different. They are actually going to stay into the weekend so we can go shopping at the outlets and the large King of Prussia Mall.

    Thanksgiving is going to be quite a treat as well since I will have a few extra guests including my boyfriend, and my two best friends, Connie & Erika.  Since this is my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian its going to be different. We are making both the traditional turkey and the ToFurkey. I can’t wait. I’m hoping that we can maybe play a little football or something.

    Also I’m very active this year in my local area’s Relay For Life event that occurs in May. I’m event chair for this year and we are in prime kick off mode. Our kick off meeting is actually next week and I have so much to do yet…  I have 2 guest speakers lined up and I’m hoping to find at least one more. This year is going to be awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Well that’s enough for now…


Have a great day!

~ Rob 


A Letter to myself… 4 years ago

I wrote this to myself about 4 years ago… I came across this little gem yesterday and it made me cry once I thought about where I am now and who I’m with. I had the foresight to see that things would get better and I would be a better person for it. I also saw that I would find someone that I am truly in love with, not just with him to be with somebody, but full blown love. I would do anything for him… I’ve realized that my job in this life is to make him happy and love him completely.

Please enjoy:

Dear Rob,

Please keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Even if the reason isn’t crystal clear right now, it will eventually be known. You are a great person. You are compassionate about all your volunteer activities and the people who share your sphere of influence. You don’t disappoint your parents, they are very proud of you and support the decisions that you make regarding your well being. Although they haven’t always been supportive when it comes to the affairs of your heart, they are always there regardless when life gets you down. Don’t ever forget that. Your friends are always there for you as well, even if you don’t talk to them everyday. When the time comes to lean on them for emotional and mental support they are there. Sure life is a little hectic right now and you might not be thinking clearly about the future, but everything will be ok. Keep your head up high and you will be fine. The matters of the heart will work itself out in time as well. You don’t need to rush into anything just because you miss being in a relationship. Take the time to heal your heart and in time the one true person that will be in your life everyday and treat you right; will come into existence for you. 

Remember this always and you will be fine. I love you the way you are and everyone sees that as well even if you doubt it some times. 

Yours truly,

Your inner Self.