The Christmas that I was naughty…

                Christmas time was always something special growing up. Even if my family didn’t have a ton of money to get us everything that was on our list they always did the best that they could. Looking back at Christmas’s past, I can’t recall one where I was disappointed. No matter what the circumstance was that year, we always had food on the table, gifts under the tree, and our stockings were stuffed. I’d like to take the time now and reflect on one of my most memorable Christmases.

                The Christmas that I was naughty:

                Apparently growing up I really did believe that Santa was real, heck in some weird and crazy way I still do. I get all wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas, even though I give all year long, I especially love giving gifts to others now.  One year for Christmas, I couldn’t locate a single present under the tree that was labeled for me. Not one. We had the tradition of one of the kids giving out all the gifts, and it was my brother Terry’s turn. He handed them out, one by one, but none came my way.  I guess I was starting to get upset and sad because my mom was asking me what was wrong, and I just shrugged it off. I’m sure that there was something under the tree for me. The gifts were all given, and I still had nothing. Dad suggested that we each take down our stockings and look in those. I cheerfully jumped up and got mine. There was one thin present wrapped inside. Terry’s and Tina’s stocking were filled and over flowing with presents, yet mine had one.  They all gather round as I opened my one gift. It was a pair of switches, cut off from a tree outside. There was a note inside and it said, “You’ve been a naughty boy Robbie, so this is all you get this year” I was devastated!  I started crying so hard, my siblings started laughing at me but I didn’t think it was funny. I ran to my room in tears. I couldn’t believe that Santa actually thought I was a bad kid. I think I was about 6 or 7 at the time, but still it really was hurtful. My mom eventually came to my room to calm me down. She explained that maybe Santa made a mistake and gave them to the wrong Robbie, or that I had a chance to change my ways. She said that if I promised to be a good boy next year, that somehow Santa would know and would dropped off my gifts.  I told her I would be a good boy the next year and every year after that no matter what. What happened next seemed to be nothing more than a miracle because I hear jingle bells and a loud thud out in the living room. My dad called my name and said that I need to come out there. My mom walked with back out to the living room and by the tree there was a huge plastic bag, and my stocking was rehung up on the wall, filled with stuff!  Santa had heard my promise and dropped off my gifts!!!   I was so excited. I kept that promise that year and for every year after that!

Merry Christmas!!!

Have a great holiday season everyone


~ Rob


Dream: Burnt Churches

So last night I had a unique and unusual dream. So I was back in my home town visiting with my America Cancer Society staff partner for Relay For Life… Megan. I was showing her where I grew up although I was only showing where I lived for 1 year. As we were walking around I noticed a lot of burnt down churches. The most distinct aspect was that I was standing at a place called Gospel Hill. From here I could see the Cathedral and it was also destroyed. The view from the hill was shocking as I looked out and saw 4 burned down churches with in a 4 block radius. It seemed liked something out of a post apocalyptic world. Then two ladies showed up on the hill to take Megan away, they said they needed her back at the office and that she shouldn’t be wasting time with the volunteers.

Overall it was a strange dream to have.

Have a great day


Happy Thanksgiving… Sorry It’s Late

So I know I’m a week late but Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends/fans/followers and Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends/fans/followers too! It’s been a crazy week. I was so excited last week to finish part 1 of my new Vampire series that I forgot to write.

My family and friends gathered at my house this year for Thanksgiving. It was quite an experience to say the least. Since I decided to become a vegetarian at the first of the year this was the first major holiday that had the biggest meat option and proudly I didn’t have any of it. My boyfriend is also vegetarian so at least it was easier with him here. My friend Connie cooked the turkey but cluttered my house in the progress. I swear she used every single utensil and dish I possibly had. We ate off paper plates, used plastic utensils and plastic cups… Lol and yet I still had a ton of dishes. I got stranded with all the clean up as well but I didn’t mind. My friends and family had fun.

This year was unique on who was here, my house was like an orphanage for those who didn’t have anywhere to go. I had my brother and wife, my boyfriend and my friends Connie, Michael and Erika. I could tell stories about all of them but I’ll save that for another day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Have a great night!