What a week!?!

This week started off quite well… It was a three day weekend with Monday being a holiday. I had the whole day off to myself. I was able to accomplish so many projects at my house. I acquired a curio cabinet from my mom last summer that matches the one that was built into the house. The new cabinet needed to be mounted to the wall and I was having difficulty with the piece until I got a hit of inspiration. I was able to mount it! Now the only remaining thing was the original curio had a top piece on it that needed to be removed or replicated. I decided to take it off. I was surprised that it came off quite easily. Now both pieces match perfectly. I’m going to repaint them both black and turn my dining room into a tavern like area.
I removed my dining room table and eventually I’m going to get a bar and a pub table. I’m also thinking of getting a black and white popcorn vending machine. The living room was changed into a movie theater so why not have a tavern as a dining room. I’m very excited about the change.
The rest of the week was rough at work despite my earlier accomplishments. I’m hoping to relax a little this weekend and then get back on track.

Have a great night!



The Critic becomes the Director

So today was a change of pace. Normally on Saturdays I enjoy going to the movies and then critiquing them. Well now I get to let others do that to me. My friend Erika and I decided to make a short film about recruiting team members and sponsors to help us Finish The Fight against cancer. We are part of the global movement that is known as Relay For Life. As the event chair for my local event I wanted to do something different and try to get more people involved.

Earlier this week we made a movie trailer and I’ve included the link for your viewing pleasure. So to make good on the promise of the actual next mission we shot a mini movie. It’ll probably be about 5-7minutes when all is said and done but should get the point across. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

We are debuting it at our next Relay meeting this Wednesday night. I hope it inspires everyone in attendance to start actively recruiting more team members and event sponsors.

Have a great day.


The Story of “Richard”

So it’s been almost seven years since I woke up and left “Richard”. He thought I wouldn’t leave. He thought I was weak. He didn’t realize that I was stronger than he would ever be.

I met him when I was only 19 and in my hometown. I thought he was the one. I was 19 after all. He was a manager at the video store. I was working retail. He was 14 years older than me and I was fresh out of boot camp so I looked hot. He was like putty in my hands but I didn’t know he was the one playing games. It took me too long to come to my senses.

We fought at the beginning over the trivial little things. I first lied to him about watching porn of all things. I saw his hand raise but he didn’t strike at least not this time.

He convinced me that we should move away from our home town and move to Michigan of all places. I transferred my job and he started a new one. He actually did that a lot. Michigan was a little more open with their gay population so I met more gays at work. He asked me about one guy because he was snooping through my computer. He had major trust issues. I guess I added the guy on the popular social networks at the time but who knows. He asked me about him and based on the fights of the past I lied to him. I didn’t want to get into a mental battle with him but it did turn physical.

It started with the throwing of my cell phone at my head, it actually hit the wall behind me then bounced off it and struck the back of my head. I got up and started towards him. He struck me first right in my face. I didn’t fight back, I just let him beat me. All because I lied about a boy. I thought at the time that I deserved it.

I was wrong. I didn’t deserve that. I didn’t deserve going to work with a black eye and lying to my co-workers that I was in a bar fight, which they knew that was a lie since I was only 20 at the time.

I eventually stood up to him… 8 years later.

No one should ever be subjected to abuse… Physical or mental. So if you are, please seek help. Talk to someone, anyone and seek the help. There are plenty of agencies in the world that can help with domestic violence and it’s not just man versus woman. It can be anyone.

Have a great night and stay warm. The next post will be more positive I promise.


Snow… What a pain!

So the northeast keeps getting pounded by snow storms… It’s been quite a winter. I shouldn’t be surprised since I live in the north. Every week now it seems like we just keep getting more and more snow. Tonight is another round of ice and snow making the morning commute a bear. These are the times that I wish I was a successful author and was able to stay home.

The wonderful thing that intrigues me about writing full time would be the ability to wear whatever I want while working… Why get dressed at all? Wouldn’t that be fun? I also would think that I could live in a better climate such as Hawaii. I was watching a show the other night about the real estate there and it sounds exciting. This one couple looked at a house that seemed to be perfect. It’s master bedroom was completely separate from its main house. The bathroom was an outdoor shower and tub. It had a tiny kitchen with one burner and tiny fridge. It’s the perfect off the grid house and the perfect setting for a writing.

Well warm wishes my friends!

Have a great night!

~ Rob