Wow… Sorry so long!

Let me tell you something. The past month has been a roller coaster of events. 2 anniversary dates of people passing… My grandmother’s three years on Feb 10th and the six months of my dad. That was an emotional week to go through. Valentine’s Day was smacked in the middle of it as well which actually went pretty well despite the gloom that I was feeling.

I also had some recent new hires start at my job that I’ve been training. It’s been quite stressful. I also learned that when I’m stressed out, I can’t use my creative outlet of writing while I’m at work.

I joined a local gym to help with that. I’m trying to get back into shape. Since August I gained almost 25lbs. I was almost to my heaviest weight which was 202lbs. I’m starting to finally get motivated again. It’s been a rough start. I get waves of inspiration but then I lose it. I went and worked out hard yesterday and today. I can home though and just started watching TV. I need to keep pace and hopefully I’ll get motivated soon.

Well sorry to bring you down but please have a good night.