Weight Loss Journey… Day 33: Weight Training Day!

7/27/2014 – Day 33

Sleep was definitely important and apparently my body was telling me that yesterday. As I mentioned previously, I went to bed at 6pm on Saturday and didn’t get up until 9am on Sunday morning… whoa!

So dinner was skipped previously so the first meal ended up being a grilled cheese sandwich from Starbucks. It was soooo good! After that the next item on the agenda for Sunday was GYM time! This was the first Sunday that I’ve gone in awhile so we did weight training. I forgot how sore my muscles were going to be afterwards.

It felt good to hit the weights though. On Sunday it’s less crowded than when I go after work so I don’t feel like so many people are judging me. I tend to shy away from weights when I go by myself.

Well the numbers are once again moving in the right direction, so it feels good to be back on track!

Starting Weight: 187.6


Breakfast: Starbucks Grilled Cheese calories: 600

Lunch: veggie hoagie approx. calories: 480

Dinner: B&J’s ice cream- approx calories: 880

Total consumed: 1960


Gym Time! Weight Training & AB crunches


Weight Loss Journey…Day 32: SLEEP is important!

7/26/14 – Day 32

So today I started my Saturday morning with a run with my one bestie Erika. The sky was looking very scary for it being 8am and we knew it was going to rain. The place where we like to run is in a park and the one loop is just over 2 miles. Usually I do 1 loop and she is ready to go. I figured since it was going to rain, I told her I wanted to do 2 loops. This was the fastest I’ve ever done 4 miles. I completed in 37.29 minutes. My fastest time ever! I knew her run was only 30 minutes so I was rushing because I didn’t want her to get wet and it was starting to drip.

She was shocked that I made it that fast as well because she was still stretching when I got back.

The rest of the day was pretty basic except that I was in bed by 6pm… and didn’t get up until Sunday at 9pm. Apparently my body needed sleep…

Starting Weight: 188.2


Breakfast: shake with banana approx. calories: 345

Lunch: Asian food buffet approx. calories: 1100

Dinner:None – approx calories: 0

Total consumed: 1445


Morning Run:

4 miles
37.29 mins
580 Calories Burn

Very Exciting past couple of days…. “Reality Shift” is now available!

So let me just start off by saying that I haven’t forgotten about my weigh loss journey journal entries, I’m just a little behind. I’ll work on getting them uploaded shortly.

Anyways… So over the past seven years I’ve been working on my first full length book. It’s more than just a short story. It’s been a lot of hard work, some heavy editing and some serious thoughts behind it.

I’m very proud to say that my book “Reality Shift” is finally done! It’s available in both the Amazon Kindle Store and print on demand service of CreateSpace. I’m so excited to finally get this piece of literature out into the wild. It’s been quite a journey so far and I hope everyone who downloads it enjoys it.

So if you are interested you can find it here:


It’s called “Reality Shift” and it’s what I’m calling a gay sci-fi drama. If you do download, please let me know what you think.

Have a great evening,


Weight Loss Journal…Day 31: When does it get easier?

7/25/14 – Day 31

Well it’s been over a month so far and I’m a little stuck. The weekends is what is killing me. We aren’t doing the activities like I should be. I have to push myself harder on the weekend to make this a success. I want to push myself harder before my new bowling season starts. It’s about 4 weeks away and I want to be down at least 10 more pounds before then. I want to show the bowlers what I’ve been up to this summer. Time will tell though.

Keep pushing harder and working out smarter…that’s the idea and that has to make a difference!

Starting Weight: 185.2


Breakfast: Banana approx. calories: 110
fig cookies approx. calories: 200

Lunch: Zoe’s Kitchen, spinach wraps and hummus approx. calories: 805

Dinner: 2 veggie sausages w/chili and cheese – approx calories: 800

Total consumed: 1915



Weight Loss Journey… Day 30: It’s a constant struggle

7/24/14 – Day 30

Wow… It’s been 30 days already since I took the chance to start writing everything down and keep track. I can’t believe it. I made a decision in my life to start eating healthier, work out more and lose these extra pounds. I wake up every morning and I’m trying.

I write this journal about weight loss and the journey… It’s not always easy and I’m not always happy with my results. I do my best to stay positive everyday. You never know what’s going to happen in the next hour, day, week or even month… let alone the following year. I just have to keep at it and remind myself of my goal.

I hope a balance comes soon.

Starting Weight: 186.6


Breakfast: Banana approx. calories: 110

Lunch: Banana – approx. calories: 110

Snack:1 granola bar, small water ice, 4 pieces of candy- approx. calories: 516

Dinner: mozzarella and pesto pizza – approx calories: 330

Total consumed: 1075

Lunch time walk: 2.25 miles, 45:08 mins, approx burn: 230
Gym Time: Elliptical : 12.8 miles, 47 mins, approx burn: 357
Treadmill cool down, 1/2 mile, approx burn: 59

total burned: 648

Weight Loss Journey…Day 29: It’s going down again! Yay!

7/23/14 – Day 29

So it’s starting to go down again. I’ve started losing weight after focusing on my eating habits and started working out again. I haven’t made it back to the morning runs yet. I’m starting to look at other options for assistance to making my goal. I know that it’s been suggested to try fasting, I have to work on that especially on the weekends, but I’m so routine so I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Lately I have started to experiment with cucumber water before going to bed. It seems to be helping, I’ve lost weight even on the days that I didn’t work out. I hope that this is a good sign.

I’m thankful this night for ongoing support of the world of the internet. There is a gentleman on twitter, @mwintersfitness, that has been motivating and offered assistance. I’ll be looking at his page for further inspiration. He did an amazing transformation in 10 weeks and looks great. Once I get more towards my goal I will post a transformation post.

Starting Weight: 186.6


Breakfast: Shake approx. calories: 345

Lunch:carrots– approx. calories: 35

Snack:2 granola bars & pretzels- approx. calories: 500

Dinner:Panera Grilled Cheese and chips – approx calories: 740

Total consumed: 1620

Lunch time walk: 2.26 miles, 46:20 mins, approx burn: 235
Gym Time: Cross Ramp: 4.53 miles, 50 mins, approx burn: 503
Treadmill cool down, 1/2 mile, approx burn: 42

total burned: 780

Weight Loss Journey… Day 28: Plenty of Time left!

7/22/14 – Day 28

Well I did drop back down a little bit since my trip. Not too much but the day started out very positive. I hope this trend can continue. I’m going to try my best effort to get up on the morning for the run I’ve been longing for. I need to do it. I need to clear my head and make sure that I get my stress out.

I still have time left before this challenge is over. Tomorrow night I have to work in my workout before or after I go to a meeting.

Starting Weight: 187.6


Breakfast: Shake approx. calories: 345

Lunch:carrots and cucumbers– approx. calories: 55

Snack: granola bar – approx. calories: 100

Dinner: 6 slices of pizza – approx calories: 760
Total consumed: 1260

Lunch time walk: 2.25 miles, 42:03 mins, approx burn: 231

total burned: 231