Weird Dream…

Dream 7/8/14

So the dream started out in a parking garage at some mall. It was pouring down rain and the bottom level was starting to flood. My friend Lorie was there and neither one of our cars could get out of the garage. Her husband James owns a truck and came and picked her up. They didn’t even offer me a ride home considering how close we live… Then the dream changed…

I was at someone’s house and apparently needed some money to pay a bill. Neither Jim or I had the cash so I borrowed it from a friend Kevin S which I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I rarely even see his posts on Facebook which made the occurrence of asking him for money even weirder. After he gave me the money I was packing things in boxes with my friend Emily. I did just recently commented on a picture so that’s probably why she was in the dream. She lives in MA so I haven’t seen her in a few years but I know that I need to go visit.

The dream then changed again and I was on my way to this place to ride some trains. I was touring the place and a bunch of guys rode up on horses with bandanas on their face. They were there to rob the place.

The dream changed once again and ended back to packing boxes. This time they were being marked to move to another town… They were labeled for Altoona, FL…

It was definitely a weird dream….


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