Dream 7/21: Rob Dyrdek

So the dream started out with me moving to LA to work somewhere and part of my job was working with a charity. Whatever charity I was working with ended up partnering with Rob Dyrdek’s charity. We worked several months on the project and became fast friends. We spent a lot of together even outside of the project and I was a regular at Fantasy Factory and met everyone. Rob and I got close and eventually he fell in love with me. I didn’t even expect that and was in awe when he actually leaned in for a kiss one day. We discussed the relationship and he said he wanted to go public with it. I was nervous at first but was okay with it. He first wanted to announce it to the crew at the factory and gathered everyone. He explained how we worked on the project together and that something sparked. He announced that LA had a new power couple, grabbed my hand, and announced Rob squared! Everyone was thrilled that Rob found someone that made him happy and congratulated us. He also had me be a guest on Ridiculousness. He introduced me as his partner.

It was a strange dream for sure but would be welcomed if it actually happened. đŸ™‚




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