4th Week…I’m beating expectations!

So as the US celebrates Memorial Day,  I celebrate as well. I’ve continued on this journey on the 1st of May and I’m glad that I did. I feel alive. I feel more energized more than ever. I enjoy going to the gym and I’m liking this new life. 

I’m much happy with these decisions that I’ve made for the better. I’m not taking any special drugs or any supplants to help me along this journey. I take vitamins, I eat right and I’m excerising daily. 

Theses small changes are such a difference maker in my life. Now I’m still drinking soda from time to time along with treating myself to ice cream and such. I’m not perfect and no one should expect you to be. 

Have a wonderful week 




3rd Week… Small progress is still progress right?

So the third week is here of this journey and I’m seeing progress even if just a little bit. 

I’m able to run for longer periods of time without stopping. Just the other day I ran over four plus miles outside without a single break. I also timed my outdoor 5k time and it was under 32 minutes! 

I’m still balancing out the food situation but it’s coming along. The weekend is the hardest part since there are so many temptations. I’ll deal with that on as needed basis. 

I did take a rest day yesterday. I felt that after 15 days in a row I could give my body a break and I’m glad I did. I actually slept for 12 hours… It felt so good!

Sleep is an important part of the process as you might know. It’s true that a proper nights rest is important. It helps your body heal, digest and rejuvenate it for the next day. 

Have a wonderful week!



2nd week… I’m on Fire! 

In a good way of course!

I made it 7 straight days to the gym. I’m very proud of myself. I felt like I’ve been challenged by my friend Erika in a way. She started back at the gym and has been using hashtags every time she completes a workout so now I feel like I have to as well. Her favorite one is #backatit or #day9of21. She likes to show how many days she’s made it. 

I started doing it as well so that I can easily keep track but at the sametime it’s keeping me motivated. The harder I work in the 21 days I know the better I’ll feel. Plus as an added bonus I’ll be losing weight since I’m curbing my eating habits as well. Soda is still an issue but I feel that I’ve I make smarter food choices I can keep the soda for a little while longer. 

I’m very excited about my progress so far. I started running on the treadmill every other day. I’m training for two 5k races that I have next month and they are 5 days apart so I have to be prepared. One is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon so I’ll have to get outdoors soon to work on my times. 

As I start into week 3 of this new journey I feel very optimistic this time. I have been pushing myself harder and forcing myself to go to the gym even when it’s easy to say no. I’ll keep pushing on. 

Have a great night! 



1 week in… How did I do?

It’s been one week since I started day 1 all over again in my struggle. So many of you ( at least I hope you are) are wondering how did I do? Well it was a test of wills but I’ll break down the good and the bad. 

Soda – is it the devil in disguise?

I tried to quit it but I just couldn’t. I didn’t drink one on Tuesday… Then Wednesday it went down hill. I had one then… Two on Thursday, one on Friday… Then none on Saturday or Sunday but two today. Why can’t I give it up?  

Workouts – I did my best. 

I did hit the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and today… So I missed 3 out of 8… Not too bad. I wanted to get up earlier today and go for a run. That didn’t quite work out that well as my mind kept me up and then when I decided that it wasn’t going to happen my mind woke me up… Frustrating! 

I’m going to try harder to try to get two workouts in during the day somehow.

Well I hope you all had a good week. 

Have a great night!



Day 1…Again…and Again!

I feel like I start over a lot. Not with a new job or with a new address but with this struggle to lose weight. 

Today I made the decision to start again. For feels like the thousandth time. It’s the same old song. In fact it’s been 274 days since my last post which instated that I was starting ANW training… Yeah that lasted a day. 

I have to focus. Today didn’t start out great since I had two sodas and a walnut brownie. I also had a cheese filled tortellini for lunch. And then later on I had a Belavida breakfast biscuits. I wash that down with another soda. Then I decided I would go to the gym at 5 o’clock.

While I was working out tonight I decided that this is it. It felt good to be in there. It felt good to feel the sweat dripping down my body, knowing that the fat was going to be going with it. I am fed up with this struggle of mine. 

Going to the gym should be motivation enough because there are others there doing the exact same thing. For whatever reason they aren’t happy with the way they look so they are there as well. It doesn’t matter if they are a meat head, amueture body builder or even someone like me trying to lose weight. They are still there. I should keep that in focus. I do see the same people over and over again… There are no words and I really don’t have any workout friends there but I know that they are struggling as well. 

I opted out of dinner, knowing that I had a hidden tastykake waiting for me in my lunch bag. I knew I would get it later, I just needed to wait. I also had a soda in my bag… But this time I did the right thing. I took a few sips and poured the rest down the drain. It wasn’t easy to do since I have a sick love affair with soda. I have to force myself not to drink any sugery drinks. I’ve cut back at home and now it’s time to force myself to do it at work. The hard part is that I get stressed out easily lately and nothing tastes so good than a nice cold citrus based soda. 

This time will be different. I can feel it. I also found my motivational pictures. I dug up the ones I had from my last major weight loss. I will do it this time and I will be successful. 

I am going to do my best this time to provide weekly updates. I also will be returning to this format to describe my other thoughts and dreams so be prepared to take a little journey with me. 

Have a great evening


(Current weight 204)