Week 17… 17 is My Magic Number!!!

I can’t believe that I’ve been on this journey for a solid 17 weeks. I’ve been so committed to this change in my lifestyle that the time has been flying by and the pounds have been flying off!

This week was full of life events as I’m working hard for Making Strides and my bowling league has restarted. So I’m not hitting the gym as much as I was but I did run four times last week (and it netted a lot of Pokemon…and items!). Some of my runs were simple five milers and some were a little longer. My one on Wednesday night was more like 7.25. It was such a beautiful week for running!

Okay so why is 17 my magic number?  Well my birthday is on the 17th and in this week I officially hit my biggest milestone yet. I have lost 30lbs!!!

30lbs! That’s incredible and I can’t believe that I’m down in the mid 170s. My next milestone will be when I meet the 160s again. 

This week should be fun as I’m on my next staycation and will be enjoying a few days at the beach. I haven’t been there since Pokemon has been released so I’m looking forward to that as well. 

Have a great week!




Week 16… I fell off the wagon… Whoops!

      So last week was a tough week on me. I was battling the fact that I slipped and wasn’t going to make my initial goal. I was upset. I worked hard all summer long to lose the weight and here I was 3lbs away from hitting that goal…so when I gained weight last week it sort of sent me into a tail spin. 

Well the week started rough as well. It all started with my dad’s birthday which was emotional considering in 3 days was the 3 year anniversary of his death. It was bothering me something fierce. I decided to take that day off and reflect on my dad and my journey. That’s when I slipped up. I got up early and went to Wawa and that was where my moment of weakness happened. I bought two Mountain Dews…. 2! 

I know that I shouldn’t have but I was feeling weak and needed a pick me up. I figured that they weren’t hurt me too bad as long as they were the only two I would have and they were. 

I ended up walking over 24 miles last Wednesday and it paid off. 

I was able to regain my focus and was back on track. I lost 1.8lbs last week!

I hope to keep this streak going and hit my goal this week!  Stay tuned!!!



Week 15…. I’ve slipped… Is it a moment of weakness?

Last week didn’t go as a planned. We got the new kitten and she had me totally distracted. I wanted to be good and continue my progress but I also wanted to take time and love my newest member of my family. She is so freaking cute! 

I only hot the gym twice last week and went on one 6.5 mile run last Wednesday. That’s it. I need to get back to it. I have to get back on track so that I can hit my next goal. I want to hit that by next week so I plan on hitting back harder this week. 

I’m sorry that I don’t have much success to report this week and I could use some words of encouragement if anyone has any. 

Have a great week. 




Week 14… I’m late!!!

Okay…Okay…So I should have written this two days ago but was wrapped up with a new bundle of joy. 

On Friday night we adopted a new kitty cat. She’s six months old and a black Mainecoon. She’s freaking adorable. 

Okay so she’s been occupying my time lately. I was concerned about my weightloss but skipped the gym a couple times last week. The result ended up with a minor gain on the scale. A whole .2 oz. That’s it… .02.  The week ended with another Pizza Hut pizza… Lol 

I did run on Saturday and did 9 miles!  This was the farthest run I’ve done in a long time. I was so excited even though I got a minor blister. 

I’m back on the program and focused this week. 

I can’t wait to see the results on Saturday. Stay tuned everyone!
Have a great night!



Week 13…. Oops I did it Again! 

No I wasn’t singing a very popular pop song from the early 2000s… Although the message fits it seems. 

Normally I allow myself one food cheat day a week and eat sensible during the week. Not last week. Once again I ordered Pizza Hut and stuffed my face. My only saving grace for the week was the extra runs I did at the big natural historical park near my area. 

I also got into the whole Pokemon craze as well and found out that I am very skilled at running and catching Pokemon at the same time.  I’m very talented. 

I love the game and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. 

I also accomplished my step goal for a consecutive 30 days! The goal is to hit at least 7000 steps everyday. I’m going to increase the goal once I hit a new month to really push myself. 

I am still losing weight and I’m glad that I’ve sped up my metabolism to compensate for my extra bad eating that I’ve done recently. I keep thinking that I’m going to platue soon but I hope I don’t. I know that if I keep working hard and focusing on my goal I will get there. 

I was down another 1.4lbs last week. That has brought my total weight loss to 27lbs so far. 

I’m excited for the differences and people are really starting to notice, especially those who haven’t seen me in awhile. This is very encouraging and keeps me motivated! It is working. My efforts are paying off and I’m excited for this journey to continue.  

I hope everyone has a great week!