Week 25… No Loss… No Gain… No surprise. 

So I shouldn’t be shocked that I didn’t lose anything this week when I committed to getting back on track. I did go to the gym several times but I still haven’t changed my eating habits back to the way i was doing. 

I don’t know what it’s going to take to get my eating program in check. My stress levels are still high even after Strides, Bowling for Boobs and weekly bowling. I have to find a better outlet or management system for them. TV is a good escape but I sit there at night and want to eat because I’m bored.  Working out only works when I actually go to the gym. Last week I had a stressful Tuesday so I didn’t go to the gym. That’s the time I should be going to the gym the most. 

I don’t understand where this lack of motivation came from. Maybe I need a break from some of my extra activities. That is easier said than done especially since I’m in the middle of seasons. It was easier to focus during the summer because there was no bowling, and no Relay For Life and the sun was out later. 

Do I need to go in the morning? Maybe… as long as I focus on my meal plan. I have to get back to fruit more often as well. I keep eating junk. I didn’t earn the junk food I’m eating so I need to stop. 

What keeps you motivated? 

What things have you changed once you noticed an increase?

I’m hoping I can get my head back in the game. 

Have a great week. 



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