Week 27… am I weak? 

More often than not this past couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of self doubt with myself. Ever since the end of my second summer vacation my weight seems to continuing to climb. 

I can’t see to stop it. Why is it happening? I know the rules. I know the game and yet I can’t see to stop gaining weight again. I’m in a vicious cycle and I want it to stop. 

Now to look at me you would think that I have an eating disorder or a weight problem. You can’t tell that it hurts myself esteem every time I step on the scale but it does. It’s rough. 

This week I’ve tried starving myself throughout the day only find myself so weak at the gym that I had to get something to eat. I don’t like feeling dizzy while I’m driving. It’s not a good feeling. 

I’m going to try to eat something before going to the gym everyday now and then not eat after I’m done. I’ve tried giving up the junk food until Thursday came around and I not only was so hungry that I had a few mini candy bars but also a donut and a half… lunch will be challenging since I only get a half hour today and I’m out of baby carrots. 

I hope next week will be better but we are heading towards Thanksgiving so I have my doubts. 

Have a great week 


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