Beyond the Grave… Is Dad trying to tell me something?

So over the past couple of weeks I have been having some odd dreams. They all seem to have a common theme… my dead father.

In about 11 days it will mark the 1 year anniversary of his passing, he would have been 73 this year.

I think the odd part of this started back when I went camping 3 weeks ago. I went back to the last place that I saw him alive. One of his favorite places to visit, Greenwood Furnace State Park. Last year my family started a new tradition of having a family reunion at the park. We had it last July, and it was the last time I saw my dad still alive.

This year I decided to spend the week prior to the event at the park to get my emotions in control. On the second day of my trip, I thought I saw my dad sitting on a bench. There was this man sitting there dressed just like my dad. He had on jeans, a baggy blue t-shirt with a pocket, which appeared to have a pack of cigarettes in it, along with a ball cap. I took a second look and then snapped a picture. I returned to what I was doing and started to cry. I finally let my emotions go while at that place of great memories.

The first dream was taking place during a snow storm and my parents were visiting. We had to walk to the store and he asked my very peculiar question: “Can we get that soda that I like from the movies?” ” Cherry 7-Up?” I asked… and he replied yes.

Now I don’t know if he actually enjoyed cherry 7-up or not, that’s a question I need to ask my mother but it was odd.

The second dream came on Sunday night into Monday morning. I wasn’t feeling well and I haven’t for a few days now. He appeared to me again. This time I was in my military uniform which I haven’t worn in over 15 years and he didn’t say anything. He kept pointing at his side, which was the side that I was having an issue with.

It freaked me out so I went to the doctors office on Monday and again on Tuesday. I still don’t know what exactly is wrong with me but I feel like Dad is trying to send me a message of some sort. I’m hoping to get the test results soon and have another appointment scheduled for Friday. I hope it isn’t anything serious and if it is maybe because of dad I caught it in time.

I keep you posted… oh and if anyone can interpret these dreams, please let me know.

Have a great night…

~ Rob