6 Days until Adventure Time!!!

 So in 6 days my second cross country adventure begins. This time though I’ll actually be driving cross country, in a big 26′ box truck. My mother will be moving to CO like I’ve mentioned before. The journey is going to be long, if you were to drive straight through it would be 27 hours however there’s going to be some slow down. The truck is huge, plus there will have to be several stops for gas, food, bathroom breaks and then sleep!  This will be quite an adventure… most of it will probably be documented on Facebook, but I’ll try to do a blog from the road.  

I will also be arriving to Altoona this coming Friday versus Sunday via the train. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a train so this will be a fun time as well. 

Now let’s talk Big Brother… Is anyone else excited to see this Thursday’s double eviction?  We already know that the house guests are getting rid of Amanda… but they don’t know it’s a double week, so who’s next?   I think I’m going to try to get on the show next go round… LOL 🙂


Well I hope everyone has a great night/day!


~ Rob


Altoona again…

So here it’s Labor Day weekend and again I’m in Altoona. There’s still some unfinished business that needs to be completed. I’ve made the journey again so that I could help out. Next weekend is when the true adventure begins because that’s when I get to take the train.

I hope to relax a little this weekend and not be too depressed. Time will heal all wounds they say… I guess I will find out.

Well have a great night… Tomorrow I want to discuss Big Brother!

Monday Madness, What’s more Exciting?


So it’s Monday once more, why should I be surprised when it happens everyweek right after I fall asleep on Sunday night. The morning always seems to creep up on me though and I’m never truly ready for it. Sunday night usually ends the same way everyweek also, never anything out of the ordinary or shocking about that either. The typical Sunday night routine consists of eating some junkfood, starting the laundry and then checking out the lastest episode of Big Brother. Last night however went very much the same with the exception of the Big Brother format. I do love watching mind numbing television on Sunday so that my mind is ready for sleep when I want to lie down. However last night it didn’t quite occur that way. I wanted to watch Big Brother however my companion showed an outermost disgust for the show which meant I didn’t get to watch it in it’s entiretly. I sacrified my show to watch Secret Millionaire instead, which always chokes me up. It’s not something that I truly want to watch before going to bed at night, too many thoughts run through my head on how much $$$ I would give to the different charities that I’ve been lucky enough to work with over the past 14 years of my life. I think that some of them do deserve more to keep thier program a float but the presenter has to be able to give the cash as well.

I wonder though, if I did win the lottery or had a successful business venture suddenly take off, how much would I be willing to part with for the greater good. I know everyone already knows that I have a caring heart and might try to take advantage of that, but I would have to be selective in my process. There’s one program that was started back in my hometown of Altoona, PA, called Youth Outreach. The program was focused on getting the youth of the street and give them an outlet for talents and such. There were dances, basketball clinics, and field trips to various amusement parks. However I beleive the program closed down due to lack of funding or maybe misuse of the funds that were granted to the program director. Which ever the case may be, the program within itself was a great fit for the community and someday I would love for it to be reestablished in Altoona.

As far as Monday goes, today isn’t bad so far. I have so plans to get stuff down around the house after I’m done at work, and do my evening run. I know a fish tank that severly needs my attention.

I hope everyone has a great and productive Monday.