Weight Loss Journey…Day 36: Choices, Choices & more Choices!

7/30/14 – Day 36

Today is Wednesday. I can tell that the choices I’ve made recently to eat raw vegetables for lunch is paying off. I’ve ditched my heated frozen vegetables and substituted them for carrots and occasionally cucumbers. I’m glad that I have done so. I have to pick other vegetables for next week though in order to keep it fresh. I don’t want my lunch to get boring. As long as I maintain a smaller calorie lunch, then dinner will be fine. I’m also working out every night if I can so it’s making up for it as well. The difference is starting to show.

Starting Weight: 185.8


Breakfast: Shake calories: 345

Lunch: carrots and cucumbers approx. calories: 55

Dinner: flat bread pizza – approx calories: 380

snacks: banana and candy – approx calories: 310

Total consumed: 1090


Lunch time walk: 2.21 miles, 43:28, 226 calories burned
Gym Time! Cross ramp: 50 mins, 4.25 miles, 500 calories burned
Treadmill: 1 mile walk, 85 calories burned

total burned: 811


I feel lost…

 Over the past month since the passing of my dad, I’ve had a whole array of emotions cycling through me. Anger, sadness, bitterness, happy, and loneliness.  The most recent feeling is the constant feeling of being lost. I feel like my mind has fractured into a thousand tiny teeny pieces and I’m struggling to put them back together.  I’m going home again this weekend to finalize some more minor details and then I should be done. I think once this weekend is complete I will be able to get back to a normal routine, including my running, event planning, social life, movie going and bowling norms.  I’m very lucky that I quit my second job back in February or I wouldn’t even know how this would go.  

I have been able to start thinking about my writing again as well. Just the other night I was able to muster up the courage to write 1600 words into my book, that brings the total word count to 25000. The novel is growing quite nicely and I can’t believe I started it over 6 years ago. It’s going to be quite interesting once it’s finished. I know that every author thinks that they have a good quality book and people will be excited about it, but I truly feel that. I still feel like I’m meant for greatness and success, even with this stumbling block.  I need to stop feeling bad about everything and just get moving. 

Well enough about that.  If you have time check out my Facebook page. I put stuff out there all the time.

Have a great day.