Beyond the Grave… Is Dad trying to tell me something?

So over the past couple of weeks I have been having some odd dreams. They all seem to have a common theme… my dead father.

In about 11 days it will mark the 1 year anniversary of his passing, he would have been 73 this year.

I think the odd part of this started back when I went camping 3 weeks ago. I went back to the last place that I saw him alive. One of his favorite places to visit, Greenwood Furnace State Park. Last year my family started a new tradition of having a family reunion at the park. We had it last July, and it was the last time I saw my dad still alive.

This year I decided to spend the week prior to the event at the park to get my emotions in control. On the second day of my trip, I thought I saw my dad sitting on a bench. There was this man sitting there dressed just like my dad. He had on jeans, a baggy blue t-shirt with a pocket, which appeared to have a pack of cigarettes in it, along with a ball cap. I took a second look and then snapped a picture. I returned to what I was doing and started to cry. I finally let my emotions go while at that place of great memories.

The first dream was taking place during a snow storm and my parents were visiting. We had to walk to the store and he asked my very peculiar question: “Can we get that soda that I like from the movies?” ” Cherry 7-Up?” I asked… and he replied yes.

Now I don’t know if he actually enjoyed cherry 7-up or not, that’s a question I need to ask my mother but it was odd.

The second dream came on Sunday night into Monday morning. I wasn’t feeling well and I haven’t for a few days now. He appeared to me again. This time I was in my military uniform which I haven’t worn in over 15 years and he didn’t say anything. He kept pointing at his side, which was the side that I was having an issue with.

It freaked me out so I went to the doctors office on Monday and again on Tuesday. I still don’t know what exactly is wrong with me but I feel like Dad is trying to send me a message of some sort. I’m hoping to get the test results soon and have another appointment scheduled for Friday. I hope it isn’t anything serious and if it is maybe because of dad I caught it in time.

I keep you posted… oh and if anyone can interpret these dreams, please let me know.

Have a great night…

~ Rob


Dream 7/21: Rob Dyrdek

So the dream started out with me moving to LA to work somewhere and part of my job was working with a charity. Whatever charity I was working with ended up partnering with Rob Dyrdek’s charity. We worked several months on the project and became fast friends. We spent a lot of together even outside of the project and I was a regular at Fantasy Factory and met everyone. Rob and I got close and eventually he fell in love with me. I didn’t even expect that and was in awe when he actually leaned in for a kiss one day. We discussed the relationship and he said he wanted to go public with it. I was nervous at first but was okay with it. He first wanted to announce it to the crew at the factory and gathered everyone. He explained how we worked on the project together and that something sparked. He announced that LA had a new power couple, grabbed my hand, and announced Rob squared! Everyone was thrilled that Rob found someone that made him happy and congratulated us. He also had me be a guest on Ridiculousness. He introduced me as his partner.

It was a strange dream for sure but would be welcomed if it actually happened. 🙂



Weird Dream…

Dream 7/8/14

So the dream started out in a parking garage at some mall. It was pouring down rain and the bottom level was starting to flood. My friend Lorie was there and neither one of our cars could get out of the garage. Her husband James owns a truck and came and picked her up. They didn’t even offer me a ride home considering how close we live… Then the dream changed…

I was at someone’s house and apparently needed some money to pay a bill. Neither Jim or I had the cash so I borrowed it from a friend Kevin S which I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I rarely even see his posts on Facebook which made the occurrence of asking him for money even weirder. After he gave me the money I was packing things in boxes with my friend Emily. I did just recently commented on a picture so that’s probably why she was in the dream. She lives in MA so I haven’t seen her in a few years but I know that I need to go visit.

The dream then changed again and I was on my way to this place to ride some trains. I was touring the place and a bunch of guys rode up on horses with bandanas on their face. They were there to rob the place.

The dream changed once again and ended back to packing boxes. This time they were being marked to move to another town… They were labeled for Altoona, FL…

It was definitely a weird dream….

Last night’s dream… Reliving a difficult time

                 So I found myself waking up in a cold sweat this morning as I recalled the dream that I was having. In August of 2013 I lost my father due to a severe heart attack. The weeks after that were very difficult for me and my family as my mother made some rather large decisions right away.

                In my dream last night it was more like reliving that loss and those weeks. I found myself once more packing up a huge rental truck with all of my mother’s things and arguing with my siblings about what we should be taking and what should be left behind. In the dream though my sister and her husband were actually present so the arguments were extremely intensified. I was very upset by the fact that they just wanted to argue every little thing that was going on.  I felt like I was getting screwed over somehow.  In reality I did drive the truck cross country as you can see in my journey from my earlier posts but this time in the dream it was different.

                I wasn’t actually living in my area outside of Philly, but in Idaho… which is weird because I’ve never been there or know anyone from Idaho.  This is also the second time that I’ve dreamed about living another life in another state than what I’m living now so I have no clue what this means.

Why would I relive the events of this past summer?

Why am I dreaming of a state that I have no connection to?

and lastly…

Why am I dreaming about another life that’s quite different from the one I’m living now?

Well I hope you all have a good day and if you are being battered by a snow storm like we are, please be safe.



Dream 10/7

Dream 10/7


            So the dream started off with me walking down a road as it starting to get dark. A man pulls over to pick me up and asked if I wanted to go fishing. I said sure why not… I do like fishing in the dark. He was a good looking guy, probably in his twenties. He stops at his house and his wife comes out with a baby on her hip and asked who I was. The man said I was his friend from years gone by and said that were going fishing. She complained to the man that she didn’t want him to go because she thought I had more on my mind than just fishing. So we left and went down to a creek to start fishing, then the dream changed.


            So next I found myself at an abandoned barn and homestead that was covered in dust and dirt. Some of the windows were broken in the house and there was a note left on the table addressed to me that read “Do you want to find him? Keep looking” Then out of nowhere this teenager came up to me and told me that he knew who my father was and that if I wanted to meet him I had to do what he said. I was anxious about this opportunity so I agreed to his terms. The next thing I know I was engaged in a battle between these two guys, one looked Scottish and the other was Asian. Both of them said that they were my father and that I needed to decided which one was the actual father. The battle ended but I still wasn’t sure, then I got instructions that I had to jump on a plane and go to Denver and that the flight was leaving in 45 minutes, the airport itself was 45 minutes away and if I wanted to know once and for all the truth I needed to board that plane any cost. I rushed to the airport, check my bags and flew through security… I made it to the plane but then I woke up.


Have a great day!

~ Rob