Who likes an Adventure? This Guy!

So today will be the start of a week long adventure!  Around 1pm EST I will board a train heading west bound toward my hometown.  I haven’t been on an actual passenger train like this since 1998, this should be exciting. Of course I don’t count the subway or the PATH train from Hoboken to NYC as actual trains. Amtrak… That’s a train. Upon arriving in my hometown everything should go peaceful and quiet, however the person picking up the train station isn’t the most reliable, so I might be waiting for awhile.  I’ll make the best of it.

Tomorrow is another story. I get to pick up the moving truck first thing in the morning, make it safely to my mothers residence and then we are off for the day. We are going to take the day to relax before the big move. Guess what’s on the agenda… a horse auction. Yep, you heard right, we are going to a horse auction where we will have the opportunity to actually win a horse. They are giving away one on Facebook, so we have entered our names into the drawing. I’m even taking my cowboy boots and hat with me to make sure I look the part. After the auction I’m sure we will just hang around away and be lazy. The real work begins on Sunday.

Now originally my sister and her husband were suppose to come to help load the truck but we figured they could save some money if they stayed home. So my brother and me will be loading the truck by ourselves on Sunday. I’m hoping some others will be around to help, but if not we have to do it ourselves.   Which will suck, but it’s for our mother so it’ll have to be.

The fun driving adventure begins on Monday morning… 26′ truck, plus towing a small camper is going to be fun. Especially since I’ll be driving for 14 hours before we stop for the night. There will be rest stops along the way, but still it’s going to take some time to get to our destination for the night. I’m excited for where we are staying for the night, but I’ll be more excited once we reach our final destination on Tuesday.

I’ll try to let everyone know how it’s going, and if I can post some pics I will.


Have a great day & happy Friday!


~ Rob