Hard Work and Dedication is Key!

I can do this!

I can do this!

Every morning I wake up with the same mantra… I can do this!

2017 has been difficult and I haven’t always given my best. During the year I lost my motivation and forgot what it was to be me. I witnessed a friend struggle with an eating disorder and finally omit that he had an issue. I struggled with over eating and stress but I’m finally on the path to make it right.

I’ve set little goals for myself and I’m close to hitting my first one. It’s not easy and everyday I want to quit but I know I’ll be better in the long run.  

I can do this!


Week 13…. Oops I did it Again! 

No I wasn’t singing a very popular pop song from the early 2000s… Although the message fits it seems. 

Normally I allow myself one food cheat day a week and eat sensible during the week. Not last week. Once again I ordered Pizza Hut and stuffed my face. My only saving grace for the week was the extra runs I did at the big natural historical park near my area. 

I also got into the whole Pokemon craze as well and found out that I am very skilled at running and catching Pokemon at the same time.  I’m very talented. 

I love the game and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. 

I also accomplished my step goal for a consecutive 30 days! The goal is to hit at least 7000 steps everyday. I’m going to increase the goal once I hit a new month to really push myself. 

I am still losing weight and I’m glad that I’ve sped up my metabolism to compensate for my extra bad eating that I’ve done recently. I keep thinking that I’m going to platue soon but I hope I don’t. I know that if I keep working hard and focusing on my goal I will get there. 

I was down another 1.4lbs last week. That has brought my total weight loss to 27lbs so far. 

I’m excited for the differences and people are really starting to notice, especially those who haven’t seen me in awhile. This is very encouraging and keeps me motivated! It is working. My efforts are paying off and I’m excited for this journey to continue.  

I hope everyone has a great week! 



Week 10… 2 Weeks Soda Free!!!

I know I know… I should have done that before…8 weeks ago but what can I say? I was an addict. Mountain Dew was my down fall. I loved it! It would be my version of coffee. I had to have it in the morning and then again at 2:30pm. 

This has proven to be a game changer for me. This definitely propelled me into a very successful week. 

I have yet to start any weight or strength training yet due to the holiday but I’m thinking of stepping it up tomorrow. There is a park near my house that has obstacles at it so you can run a few feet and then do ten pull ups. My goal tomorrow will be to start it and see how many I can do at each station. I plan on doing three rounds and then running a mile. 

I want to do this at least twice a week. I think Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to start. I’ll keep you posted if I succeed or not on my plan. I feel like if I write it down and publicize it, I’ll keep the momentum. 

Well I have another post to write on a different subject, so have a great night!



Week 9… Vacation Week… Did I lose, maintain or gain?

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I went on vacation to the casino city of Atlantic City.  It was a tough week to stay on track with all the wonderful food options that were at my disposal. Pizza, funnel cakes and fries everywhere!

I did my best since I did take healthy options with me on the trip to try to block out all the bad. I did make sure I had a regular meal around 2pm each day. I also started my day with a nice six mile each morning. That was very exhilarating way to start the day. It boosted my esteem and let me not concern myself with such a strict diet each day. 

I did find the best veggie burger ever at a place called Broadway Burger Bar in the Tropicana Casino. It was soooo good and I can’t wait to go back for another one. They served it with an avocado relish and shoestring fries. I probably could eat one everyday, it was that good. 

The whole vacation was amazing. Anytime I can get to a beach destination is always a good thing for me. 

So how did I do?

I maintained my program. When I weighed in when I returned I was exactly where I was when I left. That’s thrilled me! Now it’s back to work and back to the regular program!

Have a great day!


Week 7…A Ninja in Training?

So as I write this week’s update I’m sitting on the couch watching America Ninja Warrior. I keep thinking to myself that I would love to do that. Last year I wrote a few posts stating that I started training but that all fell apart.

This year I think that I actually am going to follow through. I told my friend that I truly want to do it. I have been participating in 5K races lately and I really want to get faster. I’m on the right track with my weight loss goals as well.  This week I’m happy to report that I am officially down 12lbs. This is has been a few years in the works. I know that I tried before. This year is different. I have found the motivation within myself to keep pushing myself harder and farther than I have before. I have goals… my first one could be hit as soon as this coming Sunday. I will be so proud of myself once I hit that first milestone.

Once I hit it, another journey will be starting. I will begin truly working on my upper body and my strength. As I watch ANW, I notice that most men are about 150lbs and have intense upper body strength. I won’t be able to compete next year, but I am aiming for 2019.  The weight has to come off and I’m not taking some quick fix program. I’m doing the truest method possible.

I can’t wait to continue this journey and share it all with you!

Have a great week!!!




6th Week… Achievement Unlocked and Sadness…

Achievement.. Wow… I can’t express the words that I want to say right now about my latest accomplishment.

I not only had my best 5K time this week with just under 28 minutes but I also stepped on the scale to see that I’ve lost over 10lbs since I’ve started this new journey.

As I excitedly celebrated my two accomplishments I was saddened to learn about the horrible tragedy that happened in the community of Orlando, FL. The terror attack on the night club that supported and was known as a save haven for the LGBT community is heart breaking. As new details emerge, the worse it sounds.

Its hard to focus on myself when the world is mourning the deaths caused by a senseless act of violence, but I must. I can’t be scared to be who I am. I can’t worry about the possibility that I could be targeted next.

I will continue my journey. I will not hide. I will continue.

My journey isn’t completed yet, and I have some miles to go before its complete. This milestone is just one of many I hope to accomplish.

Have a great night and tell your loved ones how much you love them.




4th Week…I’m beating expectations!

So as the US celebrates Memorial Day,  I celebrate as well. I’ve continued on this journey on the 1st of May and I’m glad that I did. I feel alive. I feel more energized more than ever. I enjoy going to the gym and I’m liking this new life. 

I’m much happy with these decisions that I’ve made for the better. I’m not taking any special drugs or any supplants to help me along this journey. I take vitamins, I eat right and I’m excerising daily. 

Theses small changes are such a difference maker in my life. Now I’m still drinking soda from time to time along with treating myself to ice cream and such. I’m not perfect and no one should expect you to be. 

Have a wonderful week