Weight Loss Journey… Day 37: Moving the Needle!

7/31/14 – Day 37

Finally moving the needle! I’m off of the 187 weight plateau and have moved down to the 185 level. At least it’s something. I’m happy to see some movement and have realized the mistakes that I was making. I can’t just keep eating whatever I feel like if I want to make it to my goal. That’s the honest truth right there! I’m glad that I finally had that epiphany. Now I can really focus!

Starting Weight: 185.6


Breakfast: Shake calories: 345

Lunch: Zoe’s Kitchen spinach wrap and hummus: approx. calories: 880

Dinner: Wok fixings, vegetables, rice and pasta – approx calories: 500

Total consumed: 1725


Gym Time! Elipitical: 47 mins, 4.5 miles, 517 calories burned, level 10

total burned: 517