Weeks 28-30… A little gain and then flatlined… 

…. I’m hoping the fact that I was steady for a solid two weeks means that I’m finally at a turning point. I know the last few weeks were tough with the Thanksgiving holiday but I’m looking to turn it around. 

Last week I had a severe sinus headache that lasted four days. It threw me off track with the gym, yoga and bowling. I feel better now and plan on hitting the gym this week. 

I’m going to see how much I can sweat it out.  I have continue with my water regime and cut out unnecessary sweets including some of my favorite Starbucks drinks. I know my Peppermint Mocha isn’t great but it tastes like Christmas in a cup. It’s a struggle that I have to work on. 

When I’m at the office it’s easy to keep on track. I’m busy and might not have time to consume a lot of bad things. The weekends are a little harder but I am granting myself one indulgement day. I have to stick to one and still go to the gym. 

The winter months make it hard but I’m looking at some potential changes to mix up my routine. I’ve started yoga… looking at maybe Zumba next or even some morning sessions. 

I’ll keep you posted

Have a great week. (And I’m sorry that I posted 3 weeks together… it’s been crazy)